Standing in front of a wall devoted to fallen heroes of the CIA, Donald Trump proceeded to blatantly lie about the numbers of attendees of the Inauguration, shun and criticize the media, and tried to make friends the the intelligence community that he bullied and mistreated throughout his campaign.

From the Washington Post:

“That was one of the more disconcerting speeches I’ve seen,” said a senior U.S. intelligence official who was not present for the Trump speech but watched it by video. “He could have kept it very simple and said, ‘I’m here to build some bridges.’ But he spent 10 seconds on that and the rest was on the crowd size,” the official said, referring to Trump’s repeated complaints that the media had undercounted the turnout for his inauguration.

Referring to Trump’s use of the CIA memorial wall as a backdrop, the official said, “People are going to think that was offensive.”